Sunday, March 23, 2008

Card Of The Week March 23

I watched some of the video clips on MLB's web site from the Red Sox and Athletic's exhibition games against the Tigers and Giants in the Tokyo Dome this weekend. (I was irritated that the games were not available in the US anyway other than MLB.TV - I already shell out $140-ish a year for the Extra Innings package, I'm not going to pay even more for a web based version...) In the clip of the pregame ceremonies between the A's and the Tigers, they showed the first pitch ceremony without identifying the man throwing out the pitch. I think it was Masayuki Kakefu (aka Mr. Tigers), who played for Hanshin from 1974 until 1988 (and was Hideki Matsui's favorite player growing up). Here's his 1978 Yamakatsu card:

Even if it wasn't him, it gives me an excuse to show the card. Can anyone confirm if it was him and also tell me who threw out the first pitch before the Red Sox/Tigers game (who was also shown in a video clip but not identified)?

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