Saturday, August 23, 2008

2008 BBM All Stars

I got this year's BBM All Star set in the mail the other day from YakyuShop. The box set contains 56 player cards, 6 cards for the coaching staff, 2 cards for the MVP's of last year's games (Shinnosuke Abe and Alex Ramirez) and a card for this year's vote leader (G.G. Sato).

As I was afraid of, this year's set is pretty ugly (well, I think so anyway). Each card has the player's picture with no background at all. There's a wide white border on the player and coach cards along with a smaller gold border. In tiny print on the bottom of the card, they list all the names of teams in NPB. I'm really not sure what the point of that was. The MVP cards are gold embossed, which again seems somewhat pointless.

So I'm pretty disappointed with the set. At least this year they didn't mispell Tyrone Woods's name.

Here's some examples from the set:

From top to bottom, that's Tyrone Woods (Tyrone with an 'e'!) (#A19), Koji Akiyama (#A34) (why has Akiyama coached the last two years instead of Sadaharu Oh? Is it Oh's health?), Shinnosuke Abe's MVP card (#65) and G.G. Sato's "No. 1 Vote Getter" card (#63).

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