Sunday, March 15, 2009

WBC Comments

Just a couple of comments while I continue to cuss out XM for not broadcasting the WBC games:

- I enjoyed listening to Orestes Destrade on ESPN's coverage of the games from Japan. It's nice to hear someone who has some knowledge of the Japanese game. Destrade played for the Lions from 1989-92 and then again briefly in 1995. Here's his 1995 BBM card (#295):

- I am tired of hearing about how Tatsunori Hara has big shoes to fill following Sadaharu Oh as manager of the Japanese team. Has anyone looked at his history? When Hara debuted with the Giants in 1981, who did he replace in the Giants lineup? When he became Giants manager in 2002, who did he replace? This is not the first time Hara has followed someone more famous than him and if Japan fails to repeat as WBC Champ I doubt very much that this will have been a reason. Here's Hara's 1983 Calbee card (#583):

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