Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 BBM 1st Version

BBM's website announced this year's 1st version set the other day. The set, which will not be out until mid-April will contain 549 "regular" cards that break down as follows:

- 36 player/manager cards for each team (432 in all)
- 33 2009 League Leader cards
- 2 Rookie Of The Year candidate cards per team (24 in all)
- 12 cards for retiring players/managers
- team checklists (12 in all)
- 3 20th Anniversary Commemoration cards for each team (36 in all)

There will also be the usual 19 card Best 9 and 18 card Gold Glove insert sets, along with a 12 card (one for each team) "Lightning 2010" set. Plus the usual batch of autograph/memorabilia cards.

It looks like BBM is doing something interesting with their "20th Anniverary Commemoration" cards. The subset is going to be spread throughout the 1st and 2nd Version sets as well as the Touch The Game set and the individual team sets. Each team will have 3 cards in the 1st Version, 2nd Version and Touch The Game sets plus six cards in their team set for a total of 15 cards per team.

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