Sunday, June 6, 2010

2010 BBM Dragons

BBM announced the 2010 Dragons team set (the final team set for the year) last week. Like most of the rest of the team sets, there are 99 cards in the set - 76 cards of the players, coaches and managers, one checklist card, four cards for "promising young" players, nine cards for a puzzle subset, three cards for the "BMW" trio (which I think are Blanco, Morino, Wada maybe? - the three, four and five hitters in the Dragons lineup - although not in that order) and six cards for the Cross-Stream cross set BBM 20th Anniversary subset. There's a nine card insert set featuring "key players" and some possible autograph and 3-D cards. The set will be released on July 23.


Anonymous said...

Dang, just missed these. Was looking for them when I was in Japan end of last month. Saw some of the other teams' sets. Found some other cards too, but had to look pretty hard to find them. I noticed that the Konami cards have the players blood type on the back, not something you would see on a US card.

NPB Card Guy said...

Both BBM and Calbee (I think) typically have blood type also. There was something in one of Robert Whiting's books that suggested that the Japanese believed that there was a connection between blood type and the type of player someone was, but I don't know how seriously that was ever considered.

Deanna said...

It's not what kind of player it is. It is that in Japanese culture, blood type is seriously considered to be a personality indicator, and another way to determine if people are compatible. Infact, it's more often used for fortunes and whatnot here than horoscopes are.

I actually don't know my blood type, which baffles the hell out of Japanese people, because they're like "how can you go about life without knowing your blood type?" as if I didn't know my own birthday or something. People have basically told me, "Oh, you must be type ___" based on my personality, but which type they say has varied, so go figure.

US cards also won't say what high school and college and other teams a guy played for usually, will they? I swear I never knew what HS or college most US players were from, but it is an extremely important thing to know over here.

NPB Card Guy said...

Thanks Deanna. I'm sure Whiting's book described it correctly and I just misremembered. I couldn't find what he had written when I went looking for it last night.