Sunday, September 12, 2010

Card Of The Week September 12

In honor of the start of the Tokyo Big 6 Autumn season yesterday, here's the team card for last spring's champion Keio from the Spring Version of the BBM Tokyo Big 6 set (#12):

BBM's Tokyo Big 6 Autumn Version set hit the stores last week. My set is somewhere between Japan and here right now, so hopefully I'll have a post about it later this week. Although keep an eye out here in case she scoops me again...

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Deanna said...

Oh! I got my box at Jingu stadium yesterday, me and a friend both bought ours there before the Keio-Todai game so we could trade insert cards if necessary but neither of us got cards the other wanted (mine is Koichiro Matsumoto, she got Yuya Watanabe). I dunno if I'll post about it before you get yours.

All in all I must say I am largely not impressed by the photography in this set, I think that *I* take better photos than some of the cards in there. Amusingly, after the game, my friend got all of her Keio cards signed by the Keio guys but I asked the guys to sign photographs I'd taken instead. I got Daisuke Takeuchi and Kazuma Takeuchi, Hitoshi Fuchigami, Hayata Itoh, Masahiro Nagasaki, and Koji Fukutani to sign photos for me. Amusingly, there is no Fuchigami card in this set, BUT the Daisuke Takeuchi card photo has Fuchigami standing behind him so he was like "I'm still in the set! See?"