Sunday, March 24, 2013

New BBM Sets

Sorry to interrupt the stream of posts about my trip (now that I've finally started doing them) but BBM waits for no man.  There's four sets that have been announced in the last few weeks that I haven't gotten around to mentioning.  They are all being released in the next week.

- The first two team sets for 2013 are for the Eagles and the Hawks.  Both are packed based sets featuring 99 cards (I think) in their base sets, along with various insert, autograph and memorabilia cards.  It doesn't look like the "CROSSWIND" cross-over set is included in the base set for the team sets but there is a related autograph card subset for it.  (So the "CROSSWIND" base set should only be in the flagship sets - 1st & 2nd Version and probably in the high end set.)  BBM did not continue to use a vintage card design for the Hawks set, opting for a more standard looking BBM set.  The webpage for the Eagles set doesn't show what the base cards look like.

- BBM is putting out a 28 card box set called "Icons - Hope" that features rookies.  The web page implies that this is a new series for BBM - perhaps it is replacing the "Diamond Age" sets from the past two years as it looks very similar.  There are 27 "regular" cards in the set along with a "special" card - either a die-cut card, a facsimile autograph card or a real autograph card.

- To commemorate Hideki Matsui's retirement, BBM is issuing a 37 card box set entitled "Memories of 55" that includes 36 base cards and a ridiculous slew of possible "special" cards.

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