Thursday, July 11, 2013

What'd I Say?

This is odd.  This post was the first post I ever titled using katakana rather than roman letters.  Normally my posts get around 20-30 views within a few days.  This one has gotten over 300 and counting.  Looking at my audience stats, I suspect that all of a sudden, I'm getting a bunch of folks in China looking at that post.

While I don't want anyone to not feel welcome here, I'm kind of curious why that particular post has attracted so much attention.  Did I somehow title the post "Kate Middleton Sex Tape" in Chinese?


Jason Presley said...

Web traffic is odd. My most popular post, by far, is the one about R&N China porcelain baseball cards. I don't even think it's a particularly good post (but it was updated yesterday to add a Robin Yount to the checklist).

Based on the international attraction to your previous post, I'm disappointed that my CPBL/TML checklist posts don't get more traffic, they're loaded with Chinese text.

Derek McKim said...

first of all, I love your blog, I am a baseball junkie and learning more about players from Japan. quick question. I see the SF Giants have a player this yr from Japan-Kensuke Tanaka. nothing on his wiki page. what do you know of him? and sorry for leaving it in comment section. couldnt find email

NPB Card Guy said...

Thanks for the comment Derek. I did a post about Tanaka last winter when he signed with the Giants. I'm glad to see he finally got called up.

I have no problem taking questions in comments but my email address is in my FAQ.

Junichi said...

Don't worry. You used correct Japanese for dame-gaijin.

NPB Card Guy said...

Thanks for confirming that