Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More BBM Pack Busting

Got a couple more BBM team packs from the Ebay seller that I had bought the other packs from.  This time they were Eagles team packs.  He had originally been selling these at $5 a pack but he dropped it to $4 after a few weeks.  Since that was roughly the face value of the packs and I was buying something else from him anyway, I decided to pick up two of them.

Unopened Eagles pack

Contents of pack #1

Contents of pack #2

I'm not a big fan of the parallel cards but if I'm going to get one it's nice to get a good one.  Each pack had a Masahiro Tanaka - the parallel in the first pack and the "Unrivaled Ace" card in the second.

The set contained 99 cards, of which 74 were devoted to the players and manager.  There were also three mascot cards, two leader/checklist cards, two "Star Of Hope" cards, three "Powerful Backer" cards, three "Unrivaled Ace" cards (all featuring Tanaka), three "Combination" cards and nine "Wings To Flap" cards.

I was a little bummed to get two doubles out of the 14 cards but given that it's BBM, I wasn't actually surprised.  I did find it odd that I only got a couple cards from the subsets.

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