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2007 BBM 2nd Version Set

2007 BBM 2nd Version Set Summary

Size: 250 cards numbered 503-752
Cards Per Team:  16 (team card + 15 players)
Team Card Theme:  Game Action/Candids
Number Of Leader Cards:  N/A
Checklists:  None
Subsets:  1st Version Update (12), Be Aggressive! (12), For The Ultimate! (12), Get A Chance! (12), Ceremonial First Pitch (10)
Inserts:  First Impact, Fantastic Heroes 12, Speed Star (Light pack only)
Memorabilia Cards:  12 different memorabilia cards - jersey cards for Yohei Kaneko, Kenji Otonari, Yuta Ohmine, Keiji Ohbiki, Masahiro Tanaka, Takuya Asao, Tatsuya Kojima, Takahiro Aoki and Kentaro Takasaki; undershirt cards for Takayuki Kishi, and Tatsuyoshi Masubuchi; and wristband cards for Norihito Kaneto.
Parallels:  72 cards (6 per team) have three different parallels - gold signature (numbered to 100), hologram signature (numbered to 50) and "metallic" (only in Light packs).  The two non-Light pack insert sets each has a serially numbered to 100 parallel - "black text" for First Impact and "red foil text" for Fantastic Heroes 12.  All the memorabilia cards have a foil parallel.  All the memorabilia cards except the Kishi undershirt and the Kaneki wristband have a patch parallel.
Notable Rookies: Tetsuya Yamaguchi, Tetsuya Matsumoto

While the number of "regular" player cards remained the same between the 2006 2nd Version set and this one, the total number of cards in the set dropped by over sixty cards with this set.  The difference is made up by there being fewer subsets (5) in this set compared to the 2006 set (6) and the subsets being smaller in general.  The "Interleague Topics" subset that was part of both the 2005 and 2006 versions of the set was eliminated from this set (and all succeeding ones to date).

Despite the fact that there are 12 cards in the 1st Version Update subset, they are not evenly divided between teams.  There is one Dragon (Norihiro Nakamura), one Tiger (Itsuki Shoda), one Fighter (Takehito Kanazawa), one Eagle (Fumikazu Takanami), one Swallow (Hidenori Itoh), two Carp (Go Kida & Tsubasa Nakatani), two Buffaloes (Kosuke Katoh & Tuffy Rhodes) and three Giants (Geremi Gonzalez, Tetsuya Matsumoto & Tetsuya Yamaguchi).  None of the players in the Update appeared in the 1st Version set.  The Itoh, Matsumoto, Nakatani and Yamaguchi cards are rookie cards.



Rhodes and Nakamura appear in both the Update subset and the regular player cards.  Other players who appear in the regular 2nd Version cards but not the 1st Version set are Daisuke Hayakawa (Marines), Keisuke Kanoh (Tigers), Shinji Shimoyama (Buffaloes), Jeffrey Liefer (Lions), Akira Matsumoto (Eagles), Masakazu Fukukawa (Swallows), Yushi Aida (Giants), Takuya Kimura (Giants), and Hiroshi Kisanuki (Giants).  Fighters outfielder Chonso Yoh has a regular 2nd Version player card but only appeared in the 1st Version set  in the "Future Stars" subset (as Chung-Shou Yang - this is the player currently known as Daikan Yoh).  Several 2007 rookies have player cards but the cards do not indicate that the player is a rookie on the front.






Back of #655 (Shinji Sasaoka)
Both of the insert sets featured 12 cards, one per each team.  The First Impact cards highlighted rookie and young players making "impacts" in 2007.  The Fantastic Heroes 12 included a top player for each team.  I don't have any of these myself, but I found a couple on Yahoo! Japan Auctions:


The Speed Star inserts were only found in the Light packs.  This was a two card set containing cards of Tsuyoshi Noshioka and Norichika Aoki.  These same two players were in the Speed Star insert set for the 1st Version Light packs but those cards were vertically oriented while these were horizontally oriented.  I was unable to find an image for either card in Yahoo! Japan Auctions.

The parallels for this set were a little less crazy than for the 1st Version set as there were only three versions rather than five.  Once again, I don't have any of the parallels but I was able to find examples of the "hologram" version on Yahoo! Japan Auctions:


Back of #575

The "Be Aggressive!" subset is subtitled "The Amazing Hitters" and features one hitter from each team - Norichika Aoki (Swallows), Takahiro Arai (Carp), Kosuke Fukudome (Dragons), Atsunori Inaba (Fighters), Koichi Isobe (Eagles), Tomoaki Kanemoto (Tigers), Greg Larocca (Buffaloes), Nobuhiko Matsunaka (Fighters), Shuichi Murata (Baystars), Hiroyuki Nakajima (Lions), Michihiro Ogasawara (Giants) and Julio Zuleta (Marines).

The "For The Ultimate!" subset is subtitled "The Ace Of Aces" and includes the top pitcher for each team - Yu Darvish (Fighters), Kyuji Fujikawa (Tigers), Kazuhisa Ishii (Swallows), Hidetaka Kawagoe (Buffaloes), Kenshin Kawakami (Dragons), Hiroki Kuroda (Carp), Daisuke Miura (Baystars), Fumiya Nishiguchi (Lions), Toshiya Sugiuchi (Hawks), Masahiro Tanaka (Eagles), Koji Uehara (Giants) and Shunsuke Watanabe (Marines).

I'm not entirely sure what the "Get A Chance!" subset cards are signifying.  The subtitle for them is "A Player On The Shine Wave".  I think these are players who got a chance to contribute for the first time in 2007 maybe?  The players are Yushi Aida (Giants), Takeshi Aono (Marines), Koji Aoyama (Eagles), Yuichi Honda (Fighters), Yasushi Iihara (Swallows), Keisuke Kanoh (Tigers), Yoshikazu Kura (Carp), Byung Kyu Lee (Dragons), GG Sato (Lions), Shinji Shimoyama (Buffaloes), Hayato Terahara (Baystars) and Chonso Yoh (Fighters).

The "Ceremonial First Pitch" subset contained 10 cards of various celebrities.  Once again, only one former NPB player (Hiromichi Ishige) was included although Ibaraki Golden Golds infielder Ayumi Kataoka is also in the subset.  The others are long jumper Kumiko Ikeda, sprinter Shingo Suetsugu, wrestler Akira Hokuto, actress/models Asami Mizukawa, Akane Osawa and Aya Ueto and actor Hidehiko Ishiduka.  (Osawa is the granddaughter of Keiji Ohsawa, who played for the Hawks in the 1950's and later managed the Orions and Fighters.)  There's an additional card of someone named "Ayumi" who I think is another model/actress but I couldn't find any information on her.

The checklists for each team once again showed either game action or a candid shot:



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