Thursday, October 23, 2014

2015 Draft

The 2014 season hasn't quite wrapped up yet but today everyone was looking towards 2015 and the future as NPB held its draft.  As usual, Deanna and Gen both live blogged the draft and Gen also has the draft listed by team for each round (CL here, PL here).  And as usual, I'm doing my little appendix to their hard work to cover which of today's draftees already have a card in one of BBM's Tokyo Big Six sets.

This tradition of mine is going to be ending within a few years however, as BBM hasn't done a new Tokyo Big Six set since 2013.  Unless they start doing them again (or one of the other card makers picks it up), the draftees are going to get sparse pretty quick.  The final 2013 set features no freshmen, so next year will probably be the last post like this I do.

Only four Tokyo Big Six players got drafted directly out of their colleges today.  There may be former collegiate players drafted out of the industrial or independent leagues today but I wasn't able to find anyone who had a card.

Kohei Arihara, Waseda (Fighters #1)

2011 Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version #26 (shown)
2012 Tokyo Big Six #07
2013 Tokyo Big Six #10

Kenta Ishida, Hosei (Baystars #2)

2012 Tokyo Big Six #20

Shogo Nakamura, Waseda (Marines #1)

2013 Tokyo Big Six #08

Sachiya Yamasaki, Meiji (Buffaloes #1)

2012 Tokyo Big Six #02

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