Sunday, January 25, 2015

Card Of The Week January 25

When the Hall Of Fame election results were released the other day, it turned out that former Yomiuri Giants pitcher Masaki Saitoh had missed the cut by only three votes.

Among other things, Saitoh holds the record for most consecutive complete game victories (11 in 1989, a streak that included three consecutive shut outs) and most Sawamura Awards (3 - 1989, 1995, & 1996).  He also won the Central League MVP Award in 1990.  Here's a Calbee card of him from 1990:

1990 Calbee #201
The last 20 cards of so of the 1990 Calbee set (#196 to 217) featured gold borders.  According to the Calbee collector web site, it looks like these cards only featured players from the two 1990 Nippon Series teams, the Giants and the Lions.

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