Sunday, January 11, 2015

Card Of The Week January 11

I mentioned the other day that Calbee has not done a "regular" player card of Hisayoshi Chono of the Giants since 2012, although he has appeared on a card in a subset each of the last two years.  I thought I'd show the cards in question.

In addition to the "regular" card he also had cards in two of the subsets in 2012.  It actually worked out that he had a card in each of the three Series that year - his "Title Holder" card was from Series One, his "regular" card was in Series Two and his "All Star" card was in Series Three:

2012 Calbee #123

2012 Calbee #T-13

2012 Calbee #AS-20
His 2013 card was also in the "Title Holder" subset.  His 2014 card was from the "Nippon Series" subset and celebrated his winning the "Fighting Spirit" award in the Series (kind of an MVP for the losing team).

2013 Calbee #T-13

2014 Calbee #NS-3

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