Saturday, August 29, 2015

Another 2006 WBC set - Upper Deck Ovation Nation

I discovered recently that I had missed a set when I did my round up of the 2006 World Baseball Classic sets a few years back.  There was also a 15 card insert set for the Upper Deck Ovation set called "Ovation Nation".  There are only two members of the Japanese team included in the set - Daisuke Matsuzaka and Nobuhiko Matsunaka - although there are four other players who ended up playing in NPB - Seung-Yeop Lee of Korea (Marines/Giants/Buffaloes 2004-2011), Andruw Jones of The Netherlands (Eagles 2013-14), Daniel Cabrera of the Dominican Republic (Dragons 2013-14) and Frederich Cepeda (Giants 2014-).  You can see the entire checklist here.

Here's some example cards:





This brings the totals for the 2006 WBC sets to 335 cards over eight separate sets with 56 cards for the champion Japanese team.  Matsunaka is the only Japanese player to appear in all eight sets.

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Ryan G said...

After 335 cards in the 2006 set and 305 in the 2009 issue, it seems there were slimmer pickings for the most recent games. I know Topps did a Tribute WBC version of 100 cards, but being a super-premium issue even grabbing base cards in big quantities is out of my reach.

I love the WBC sets, because they're a chance to see a bunch of players on cards who might not get them (except, of course, for MLBers and NPBers).