Sunday, May 7, 2017

Card Of The Week May 7

I picked up a couple interesting lots of cards off of Ebay recently.  The bulk of the cards were 1970's era NST, Yamakatsu and Takara cards but there were a couple older items also.  What I found the most interesting of the older items was a pair of cards from the 1960 Toshiba Matsuda Lamp Coupon Bromide set (labelled as JBR 23 by Gary Engel).

This was a 25 card set issued to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Matsuda Lamp corporation which would gradually through evolution and mergers become the Toshiba company around 1978.  The blank backed cards were issued with a coupon that could be detached from the bottom of the card and sent in to attempt to win prizes.  The big names in the set were Katsuya Nomura, Masaichi Kaneda, Kazuhisa Inao, Isao Harimoto and Sadaharu Oh.  Shigeo Nagashima was apparently not in the set which is kind of surprising for a set of this era.

The two cards I got no longer had the coupons attached.  They are Toru Mori of the Dragons and Ritsuo Horimoto of the Giants:

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Ryan G said...

Nice little find! I've tried to work on my vintage cards but I haven't been too good about it.