Sunday, January 21, 2018

Card Of The Week January 21

BBM has issued three Anniversary sets for the Chunichi Dragons - a 70th Anniversary set in 2006, a 75th Anniversary set in 2011 and an 80th Anniversary set in 2016.  The most prominent player who was missing from the first two sets was the late Senichi Hoshino although he did show up in the last one (his two stints as Dragons manager was the theme of BBM's other OB team set for the Dragons - Dragons Legend).

Now when I say he was missing from the sets, what I mean is that there's no "regular" card for him that lists his name on the front and his biographical and statistical information on the back.  But technically Hoshino's in both sets - he's featured prominently on a couple pictures in the subsets from each set commemorating the history of the team.  In the 70th Anniversary set you can see him being tossed in the air on the card showing the do-age celebrating the team's 1988 Central League pennant.  In the 75th Anniversary set he can be seen on the far right of the card showing the team celebrating the 1974 Central League pennant - he's wearing uniform number 20.

2006 BBM Dragons 70th Anniversary #06

2011 BBM Dragons 75th Anniversary #04

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