Sunday, April 14, 2019

Card Of The Week April 14

Last Tuesday night Ernesto Mejia hit a solo home run for the Lions in the ninth inning of their game against the Eagles.  The home run itself was unremarkable - it made the score a little closer but the Eagles still won the game 7-5 - but it was notable in that it was the 9000th home run in Lions history.  They are only the second team to reach this milestone - the Giants were the first and are actually the only team to reach 10,000 home runs.  I find it odd that the Lions, a team that has "only" been around since 1950, has out-homered several teams that started out in the 1930's, including the Tigers, Dragons and Hawks.  It's really a meaningless milestone but I have no idea why the Lions reached it before these other teams.

Here's Mejia's 2017 Epoch Lions card (#27):

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Sean said...

That is interesting. I guess it makes sense, they did have a lot of power hitters in the 80s like Akiyama and Kiyohara, then Cabrera in the early 2000s.