Monday, October 20, 2008

Go Dragons!

Making me feel a little better about this, Tyrone Woods hit a two run homer in the top of the ninth today to lead the Dragons past the Tigers in the deciding game of Stage 1 of the Central League Climax Series. The Dragons will now face the Giants in Stage 2 to see who will represent the Central League in the Nippon Series.

As an aside, it looks like BBM will not be doing Climax Series sets this season. They had typically done something the past few seasons, either individual box sets for the teams involved or a box set for all teams involved. (Prior to the playoffs, they would do a box set for each of the pennant winners.) But I don't see anything on their website. That's not necessarily conclusive (they never listed last year's Nippon Series set), but it does make me wonder.

(The above is Tyrone Woods' card from last year's Dragons Climax Series set - #D20)

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Jason said...

While BBM probably will issue a post-season set or two, what amazes me is that there's a market for all these sets they release every year. I doubt the US market could sustain all of those individual team sets, much less issued in packs.

I really wish the economy in the Caribbean and Latin America would improve to the point where we could see some regular sets from there instead of the occasional set ever 3-4 years.

Pity there isn't some insanely rich baseball fan out there that could take a shot at an international set without worrying too much about making a profit the first few years.