Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sadaharu Oh Tribute Part 1

Last week, Sadaharu Oh officially announced his retirement as manager of the Hawks. As he is now 68 years old and has been recovering from stomach cancer for two years, it is expected that this is the end of his baseball career. Not being much with words, I felt that a baseball card tribute would be in order. Today, I'm just doing cards showing him with the Giants. In the next few days, I'll post pictures of him as Hawks manager.

1960 JBR6 Bromide (upper left):

1992 BBM ON Special #481. Nagashima is on deck with Oh batting:

1998 BBM 40 Years Of Shukan Baseball (#559) showing cover of May 8, 1972 Issue:

1975/76 Calbee (#1241):

1976 Yamakatsu showing him passing Ruth:

1995 BBM Untouchable Records subset (#319) showing him passing Aaron:

1978 NST (#58):

1981 Calbee (#2) as Giants coach:

1987 Play Ball (#2) as Giants manager:

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