Thursday, February 12, 2009

2009 BBM 1st Version

More updates to BBM's website! First, they updated the page for this year's Rookie Edition set with card samples. They look...OK. They're similar to last year's cards, but not quite as bright. In addition to the card samples, the web has also been updated to say that the cards will be in stores today.

The big news though is that the info for this year's 1st Version set is up. There are 553 regular cards in the set which (if I'm reading this Babel Fish translation right) breaks down to:

- 36 player/manager cards for each team (432 in all)
- 31 2008 League Leader cards
- 2 Rookie Of The Year candidate cards per team (24 in all)
- 1 "Record Breaker" card per team (12 in all)
- 9 cards for retiring players/managers
- 9 cards for players who switched teams
- an ace and a top position player for each team (24 cards)
- team checklists (12 in all)

The set also has the usual Best 9 and Golden Glove insert sets, along with a "top player" for each team insert set. There are also memorabilia cards inserts. There are the usual silver/gold/etc signature parallels as well.

The card samples look nice. The design is kind of the generic BBM design of the past few years - no borders with the player's name, position, team and number grouped together fairly unobtrusively. A little dull, but I think I'd still prefer them to the recent Topps sets.

The set will hit the shelves in the middle of April.

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