Thursday, February 5, 2009

2009 Calbee Series 1

Happened to check the Calbee website this morning and saw that a checklist for the first series of 2009 is up. Don't know when the cards will be in stores, but it shouldn't be long.

The series has 108 "regular" cards (9 per team). There are a number of insert sets or subsets as well (can we call them inserts when there's only 1 card to a pack?). I'm not sure about what all of the subsets are, but I can tell that there's one for the Climax Series (4 cards), the Nippon Series (4 cards) and the Best 9 winners (19 cards). I think there's also a commemorative card for Sadaharu Oh and a two card commemorative subset for Kazuhiro Kiyohara. There appears to be a 24 card "Top Player" subset with the top pitcher and batter for each team.

There are also 4 checklist cards.

There's a 2 card "LC" subset and a 21 card "T" subset that I can't figure out.

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