Friday, May 29, 2009

2009 BBM Tokyo Big 6 Spring Version

Got my 2009 BBM Tokyo Big 6 Spring Version set in the mail today. Like last year's set, this is a 60 card box set which features nine player cards and a team card from each of the six universities in the Tokyo Big Six Collegiate Baseball League - Hosei, Keio, Meiji, Rikkio, Tokyo and Waseda. I don't know who many of these guys are, so I've been reading Deanna Rubin's posts on the Big 6 games she's been going to to try to learn who they are.

The cards are very nice again. Here's a couple examples - Hosei catcher (and team captain) Shuhei Ishikawa (#28), Meiji infielder (well, the card says he's an infielder although he played center in the Big 6 Championship game) Fumiya Araki (#24) and the Waseda team card (#55):

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Deanna said...

Honestly, I thought Araki was an infielder too. I'm pretty sure I've seen him play infield before, at any rate (remember thinking "why is an Araki wearing #6 and playing shortstop? shouldn't that be Ibata?")

Anyway, I got this set last week after the Hosei championship game and I love love love it. My favorite card is actually Keio's sidearmer Yuki Murayama, who I've gotten to see pitch like ONCE in the last two years. My second favorite is of course Waseda's Tatsuya Ohishi for obvious reasons :) It's nice having a card set to remember the seasons by -- now if only they also made one for Tohto League (which unfortunately is a much better league but is not as popular as Big 6).

I have no clue how someone would really follow college ball without being here. I read the magazines and go to the games, basically. Sometimes you can find out a lot about a player if they were a star in high school, I guess. Like Meiji's Yusuke Nomura, who had a famous meltdown at Koshien.