Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More BBM team sets

Last week, BBM released information about three more team sets - the Dragons, the Swallows and the Carp.

The Carp set will be out at the end of May. It's a 99 card set featuring 73 cards of players and the manager, 1 checklist card, 7 cards of OB players, 3 "Young Guns", 6 "Active Leaders" and a 9 card puzzle. The set also has the usual "Shining Star" insert set and the usual autograph/memorabilia cards.

The Swallows set comes out in the middle of June. I'm not quite sure what the Babel Fish translation is saying, but it looks like a 94 card set (which I bet gets 5 cards added to it by the time it gets released) with 75 player and manager cards, 1 checklist card, 3 cards for Swallows pitchers, 4 cards for Swallows batters a 2 card subset called "W-Kawashima" which I have no idea what is and a 9 card puzzle. Like the other team sets, it has the 9 card "Shining Star" insert set and the usual assortment of autograph/memorabilia cards.

I also still expect that there will be a Yakult 40th Anniversary set out at some point this year, but this isn't it.

The Dragons set will also be out in the middle of June. It has 99 cards (surprise!) that fall into the following subsets (again, based on the Babel Fish translation) - player and manager (75), checklist (1), breaking players (4), Aichi prefecture players(?) (8), "name combination players" (3) and puzzle (9). In addition to the ubiquitous nine card "Shining Star" insert set, there is also a six card "Active Leading Player" insert set along with autograph/memorabilia cards.

BBM also updated the web pages for the Bay Stars and Tigers team sets to include pictures of the cards.

With these three new team sets, BBM has now announced nine of the twelve team sets, leaving only the Hawks, Giants and Lions sets as yet unannounced.

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