Saturday, November 21, 2009

2009 BBM Tokyo Big 6 Autumn Version

Got my 2009 BBM Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version set in the mail the other day. This is a 36 card box set (plus one insert card - more about that in a minute) that came out a couple of months ago in conjunction with the Tokyo Big Six's fall season. The set features five player cards for each team plus a team picture. As Deanna mentioned here, the set contains one card of a player taken in October's NPB Player Draft (Rikkio's Kenji Tomura). Deanna also mentions that the insert cards are the spring season's Best 9 and feature at least a couple of players who are not in the rest of the set (she mentions Hiroshi Taki and Shingo Kamegai - I'm trying to find the spring Best 9 list on line and failing...) As usual, the cards have a nice simple design with beautiful photography.

Here's some examples:

From the top, that's the Waseda team card (#12), Junpei Komuro (#19) and Soichiro Tanaka (#29).


Deanna said...

I coulda sworn I posted it, but this is the list of Best 9 special cards for the Fall 2009 set. It's also on the back of your box :)

SP1: Kazuhito Futagami (H)
SP2: Shuhei Ishikawa (H)
SP3: Shogo Shashiki (M)
SP4: Masatoshi Matsumoto (H)
SP5: Tetsuya Urushibata (K)
SP6: Hiroshi Taki (H)
SP7: Shingo Kamegai (H)
SP8: Toshiki Yamada (W)
SP9: Hiroki Kojima (W)

Spring 2009 Best 9 list can be found in Japanese here:

Does that help? :)

NPB Card Guy said...

Yes, you did post it ( I was checking Yakyu Baka and I didn't think to check your blog. Thanks for posting it here again.

And not that I wouldn't have missed it anyway, but I didn't get the box with the set I got.

Thanks again.

Deanna said...

Oh man! That is a shame -- you've never gotten the box with the Big 6 set?

The boxes are LOVELY actually -- beautiful photo of Jingu on the inside, things like that. I'll have to take a photo of one sometime for you.

NPB Card Guy said...

I got the box for the 2008 Spring set, but the others I just got the cards from an open box. That works for me since I don't care about insert/memorabilia cards that much and the guy I've been buying cards from doesn't charge as much for opened sets.

But based on the one box I have, I agree with you - the boxes are very nice.