Friday, November 13, 2009

Two Years In

Today marks the second anniversary of my starting this blog. I think my second year went a little better than my first - this past year I didn't tell someone that his son DIDN'T have a card in the BBM 1st Version set when in fact he did and I didn't get confused about the first and last names of the Orix manager either. I think the worst mistake I made this year was forget that Kaz Tadano and Michael Nakamura had both pitched in the US before they pitched professionally in Japan.

To all of you who read this, thanks for another year of fun.


Jason said...

Congratulations on two years of blogging. I've definitely been educated and have thoroughly enjoyed it. You, sir, are directly responsible for my owning a couple thousand more Japanese cards than I did this time a year ago.

Maybe in the future you could somehow wrangle a guest post from Gary Engel and/or Rob Fitts since neither of them have their own.

Deanna said...

Yay for two years! I guess it WAS two winters ago that my hobby was finding all the Mint stores in Kanto :)