Sunday, November 21, 2010

Card Of The Week November 21

Saw an interesting item on eBay this past week: what at first glance looks like a phone card showing a cartoon image of former Dodger (and Red Sox, Cardinal and Giant) Reggie Smith, who played for the Yomiuri Giants back in 1983-84. Except that the uniform doesn't really look quite right. My first thought was it was simply a rights issue - whoever made the card had permission to use Smith's image but not the Giants insignia. Then I read Smith's bio on Japan Baseball Daily and realized what it was - it's not Smith but a manga character called "Reggie!" who was based on him. Here's the 1984 Takara Kids card of Smith for comparision:

I have no idea how long the manga was published or even if it is still being published. Other than the comment on Japan Baseball Daily, I haven't found any information about it.

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