Friday, November 19, 2010

New Dragons Anniversary set

Five years ago, BBM put out a 70th Anniversary set for the Dragons. Like the Tigers last summer, they're not letting that stop them from putting out a 75th Anniversary set for the Dragons this fall. At least something significant happened for the Dragons in the last five years - winning their first Nippon Series title since 1954 in 2007.

The set will be a pack-based set with the Anniversary set standard 99 cards, broken down into the Anniversary set standard subsets - six "History Of The Dragons" cards, 75 cards of OB players and 18 cards of current players. (Wonder if Ochiai gets two cards - one as OB player and one as current manager?) There's a OB Dragons Best 9 insert set (nine cards) and possible autograph cards. The set will be out in early December.

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