Sunday, July 17, 2011

Card Of The Week July 17

I learned something interesting last week from NBP Tracker - Ryan Vogelsong was the third non-Japanese player with NPB experience to play in an MLB All Star game, following Cecil Fielder and Alfonso Soriano.  Vogelsong played in Japan for three years - two with Hanshin (2007-08) and one with Orix (2009).  Here's his 2009 BBM 1st Version card (#039):

Just for the record - I do not believe that any cards of Soriano with the Carp exist - he only appeared in nine games with them in 1997.

And speaking of Cecil Fielder, how weird is it that he hasn't appeared in any OB sets?  You'd have thought he'd have made one of the two Tiger Anniversary sets that have come out in the past six years.

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drbillellis said...

Cecil played just 1 year in Japan. His 38 home runs, 0.302 batting average, and 0.628 slugging percentage made him popular at the time, but staying for only one year may have soured Japanese fans on him.