Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hideki Matsui

I have felt that I have neglected Hideki Matsui on my blog over the years.  I think that this has mostly been due to the fact that he first played for my least favorite NPB team, then for my least favorite MLB team, before moving last year to a team I'm not particularly fond of (the Angels) until finally this year he ended up with a team that I like (the A's).

It's particularly ironic that I haven't shown many cards of him over the years in that he's one of the players that I have the most cards of (right around 100).  So in honor of him getting his 500th home run between NPB and MLB last night, here's a batch of Hideki Matsui cards:

1993 BBM Rookie Card (#423)

1994 BBM (#431)

1997 BBM "Nickname" subset (#559)

1999 Calbee (#095)

2000 BBM 20th Century Best 9 (#479)

2000 BBM 20th Century Best 9 Combination Insert (#T-10)

2001 Upper Deck (#66)

2002 Calbee (#105)

2002 Calbee "Be Excited" subset (#EX-9) showing him hitting home run #300

2002 BBM Central League Champion Giants (#YG38)


Jason said...

Who spiked Hideki Matsui's Gatorade? He'd been looking washed up all season, and then he goes and hits .525 in his last 10 games and .370 in July. Nice to see there's some gas left in the tank!

Unknown said...

I have 3 rare 2001 all star game matsui hideki special home run cards.. Interested?

NPB Card Guy said...

Thanks but I'm not interested