Monday, December 26, 2011

Card Of The Week December 25

A little late this week due to the holiday.  Hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a merry one and everyone else had a good day as well.

As an early Christmas present to myself, I picked up a large lot of old Calbee cards off of eBay last week.  Most of them were from the 1974/75 and 1980 sets.  There were a lot of really cool cards in the group.  I'll probably be blogging about some of them over the next few months, but for starters, I wanted to point out this card of Kenichi Yazawa (1975/76 #367):

My first thought when I looked at this card was that it was a game action shot, but the more I looked at, the more I realized it wasn't.  The guy who I originally took to be the third base coach is wearing a jacket and he's standing on third base.  It looks like there's another Dragon's player or coach wearing a jacket in the outfield.  And it looks kind of like some of the fans in the outfield are holding pieces of paper down towards the field for autographs.  So I'm guessing this is spring training or something like it.

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