Friday, December 30, 2011

Yoshitaka Katori

Once again, I was going through some old minor league cards of mine the other day and discovered a former NBP player.  It turns out that one of the coaches for the 2001 Vero Beach Dodgers was former Giants and Lions pitcher Yoshitaka Katori.  Katori is listed on the Multi-Ad Sports team set for Vero Beach as "Yoshi Katori":

Katori pitched for 19 years in Japan - 11 for the Giants (1979-1989) and 8 for Seibu (1990-1997).  According to the back of the Vero Beach card, he was pitching coach for the Giants from 1998 to 2000.  (Ironically, I think Jim Allen and Michael Westbay mentioned him in this week's Japan Baseball Weekly podcast.)  Here's a couple cards of his: 1987 Calbee (#372) and 1997 BBM (#120):

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