Sunday, January 22, 2012

Card Of The Week January 22

I was working out on Wednesday afternoon when the news broke about Yu Darvish signing his contract with the Rangers.  I started wondering if there would be someone new who there would constantly be rumors that he was about to ask to be posted, so that every single year we could have the same idiotic articles and tweets and insider reports by Ken Rosenthal saying that really, this is the off season when so-and-so will be coming to the US.  And I wondered who that player might be.

Well, I think I've got an answer.  Probably before the ink was dry on Darvish's contract, there was a comment to this post on NBP Tracker asking when (and if) Masahiro Tanaka (of the Eagles) would be posted.

So just in case he does come, here's what his first baseball card (2007 BBM Rookie Edition #40) looks like, in case you want to start stocking up now:

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