Tuesday, April 10, 2012


BBM has released information about a couple of sets in the last week or two.

The first one is called "Diamond Age 1989".  This is a 28 card box set with 27 "regular" cards of players born in 1989 like Sho Nakata and Yusuke Nomura plus one additional "special" card - possibly a parallel issue, an autograph card or a memorabilia card.  Oddly enough, BBM didn't publish information about this set until after it came out (in late March) so you can already see all the cards for the set at Jambalaya.

The other set is the 2012 Tokyo Big Six Spring Version set.  As usual, this is a 37 card box set featuring 30 player cards (5 for each of the six university teams), 6 team cards and a "special" card.  For the first time, the "special" card could possibly be an autographed card.  Otherwise, the "special" card will be one of six "Tokyo Big 6 Heroes" cards.  I believe that the set has already been released although it is not listed on Jambalaya yet - I just paid AmiAmi the other day for my set and they told me that it's been shipped.

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