Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yuki Saitoh Pitch Set

In the same vein as the Hideki Matsui home run set comes the Yuki Saitoh pitch set.  Cards in this set will be issued for every pitch Yu-Chan throws.  Each card will show a picture of him throwing the pitch and will contain information about the pitch (type, speed, location, etc), its outcome (ball, strike, hit, out) and situation (batter, umpire, time, weather, etc).  The 1033 cards for his pitches from 2011 will be out tomorrow.  The 110 cards for his Opening Day complete game victory over Seibu will be released next Monday.  Binders will be available for the cards - the cover for the binder will be made from blue handkerchiefs.

Since all the card companies in Japan have been negotiating for the rights to print these cards, Saitoh's agent decided that the only fair thing to do would be for all of them to do it.  So identical sets are being produced by BBM, Calbee, Konami, Owner's League, Kanebo/Topps, and Upper Deck.  Lotte, Tomy, Takara, NST and Yamakatsu are also expected to resume printing cards in order to produce their version of this set.

Details can be found here.

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