Sunday, September 1, 2013

Great News From Baseball Reference

Baseball Reference has now added Japanese baseball statistics going back to 1936.  The stats are in a separate section from both MLB and the minor leagues, appropriately cataloging NPB as distinct from both entities.  The best part is that the stats are updated daily.

There's still some bugs in the system with how the teams are listed - they seem to be trying to do it by city and getting a little confused about what counts as a city (i.e. Bunkyo isn't a city, it's part of Tokyo).  I'm sure they'll get it all settled soon.

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Jason Presley said...

They must have just made some sort of deal for that, otherwise they should have had that for years now. Well, NPB down, now we get to see how long it takes BR to add KBO stats or to even acknowledge the existence of the CPBL and TML.

When I asked about KBO, CPBL and TML, Baseball Reference just said they get their stats from SABR and wouldn't elaborate. I was hoping I could figure out who to contact about getting more detailed team information added to the site for those leagues.