Wednesday, January 15, 2014

RIP BBM All Star Set Part Three

I wanted to do one more quick post on the now-discontinued annual All Star box set from BBM.  I had done some trivia in my post on the Nippon Series sets about who had appeared the most times in the sets.  I thought I would do the same for the All Star sets.

2000 BBM All Stars #A44

The two guys that appeared in the most BBM All Star sets as either a player or a manager/coach were Koji Akiyama and Atsuya Furuta, who were both in 17 of the 22 sets.

1992 BBM All Stars #A15

Furuta was also the player who appeared the most often - sixteen times.

1995 BBM All Stars #A33

The manager who appeared in the most sets (as either the All Star manager or coach) was Akira Ohgi who was in nine sets.  Tied for second were Shigeo Nagashima and Hiromitsu Ochiai, who each managed or coached the Central League All Stars eight times, every year they managed the Giants (1994-2001) and Dragons (2004-2011) respectively.

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