Saturday, March 14, 2015

2014-15 Super Star Baseball Card Blue Edition

The latest KBO set from Duael Entertainment was released about a month ago.  The set is called "2014-15 Super Star Baseball Card Blue Edition" and contains a total of 225 cards, although only 80 are not short printed or serially numbered.

Like the previous three sets, the Blue Edition set is sold by pack.  Each box contains 20 packs containing 4 cards each.  Each pack is "guaranteed" to contain one "rare" card.

The set includes 14 "Super Dual Piece" cards that are serially numbered to 30 each.  Each of these cards features jersey pieces from two different players.  There are also 51 "Super Auto" cards (each serially numbered to 10 each) featuring player autographs on a "holo sticker".  There are 17 "Super Coin" cards (serially numbered to 30 each) that commemorate award winners from the 2014 season.  Each of these cards has a gold, silver or bronze coin inserted into it.  I suspect that each card has 10 gold coin versions, 10 silver coin versions and 10 bronze coin versions but I don't know for sure.

There are 15 "Super Star" cards (serially numbered to 100 each) that I think commemorate significant events during the 2014 season.  The photos on the card have been modified with a "sketch effect" to look kind of like art.  There are 48 "All Star" cards that (again I think) include the league leaders in various categories.  The "All Star" cards are short printed but are not serially numbered.

Moving into the "base" cards of the set, there are 27 "Gold Normal" cards.  I'm not sure what the significance of the players in this subset is.  One odd thing that I've noticed about it is that the three cards they are using as examples for this subset (Seung Yeop Lee, Bum Ho Lee and Kyu Jin Yoon) use photos that are slightly recropped versions of their cards from the earlier sets.  I don't know if these are the real cards or just promos but I think that's kind of weird.  The last subset are the "Normal" cards (their term, not mine).  There are 53 of these cards and they apparently include team and mascot cards as well as player cards.  The three player cards shown as examples for this subset (Min Han Son , Dong Sub Sim, and Byung Kyu Lee) all had All Star cards in the Season One set which makes me wonder if all the Season One All Star players have cards in this subset.

There is also apparently a "one of one" Gold Coin card for Jung Ho Kang to celebrate Kang being the first KBO batter to go to MLB.  I believe that the card is also autographed by Kang.

Jason has reported that someone is selling unopened boxes on Ebay for $50 plus $15 shipping.  Dan Skrezyna reports that boxes can be ordered from Gmarket for 51,000 won ($45.85) plus 18,460 won for shipping (~ $20).

Duael's website only has information on this set in Korean but the Ebay seller that Jason mentioned had an English translation of Duael's information so I swiped it:

Thanks to Jason and Dan for their help in putting this post together.

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Jason Presley said...

The checklist for Blue Edition has been translated and added to and's Inventory Manager. Cards 083 & 091 have placeholders because the information in the Korean checklist didn't make any sense to me (083 just has 'Samsung' and 091 has 'NC'). I've posted to the official Facebook page asking for help with those two cards. All the rest are listed.