Sunday, March 8, 2015

Card Of The Week March 8

I discovered the other day that there were highlights from the open-sen game I attended two years ago in Yokohama available on YouTube.  "Highlights' actually doesn't give the video credit - it appears to be a condensed game, showing the results of every at bat - well, as long as the video lasts anyway.  It doesn't actually have the entire game.

The Baystars beat the Dragons 9-4 behind four home runs (Sho Aranami, Tony Blanco, Alex Ramirez and Shuto Takajo) and the pitching of Kazuki Mishima.  Matt Clark also homered in the game for the Dragons.

I think this was Blanco's first game in Yokohama Stadium as a member of the Baystars (he'd played there with the Dragons previously) and his home run completely left the ballpark (you can see it at the 10:35 point in the video).

2013 Front Runner Baystars Rookies & Young Stars #17

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