Thursday, June 4, 2015

2010 SCM Retro Rookies

When I was researching the cards distributed with Sports Card Magazine I found a lot of "original" cards that I thought were pretty cool (when I say "original", I mean cards that were not simply promo versions of other BBM issues).  One group of cards that I was very interested in were a set of five cards that came with issue #81 that was published in May 2010 - this group featured cards of players who were rookies that year in the style of the 1991 BBM set.  I assume that this was part of BBM's celebration of their 20th Anniversary (the cards have the logo on the back but pretty much all the 2010 cards did).  Ryan found the cards for me and included them in the package he sent me a few weeks back.  Here are the cards:

This obviously is a kind of precursor to the 2013 BBM Classic set which also re-used the 1991 design.  The biggest difference between these cards and the Classic cards is that these cards are the same smaller than normal size (2 3/8 by 3 5/16 inches) while the Classic cards are the standard size (2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches).  The backs of these are a little more true to the 1991 cards as well.  Here's the back of Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh and the front and back of Shigetoshi Hasegawa's 1991 BBM card for comparison:

There's other cool SCM inserts that I hope to find (or I hope Ryan finds for me) but these were probably top on the list so thanks Ryan!

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