Sunday, June 21, 2015

Card Of The Week June 21

Interleague play wrapped up last week and the Hawks were the champs.  Yuki Yanagita was named the Interleague MVP after hitting .429 with five home runs and 10 RBI over the three week stretch of a games.  His most impressive home run was on June 3 in Yokohama where he broke part of the Baystars' jumbo-tron (H/T NPB Reddit):

Here's Yanagita's card from the "Update" subset of the 2013 BBM 2nd Version set (#436).  This was his first appearance in one of BBM's flagship sets after his rookie card in the 2011 1st Version set:


Anonymous said...

Damm ... that was a mammoth shot!


Jason Presley said...

That's more impressive than Stanton's shot in Miami last year.