Sunday, October 4, 2015

Card Of The Week October 4

Shogo Akiyama of the Lions came into last Wednesday's game against Orix with 209 hits for the season, one behind Ichiro Suzuki for the record for most hits in a season in the Pacific League and five behind Matt Murton's NPB record.  With only two games left in the season, it looked like it might be tough for him to catch Murton.  Akiyama then proceeded to go 5 for 5 (with two walks) in the Lions 16-5 clobbering of the Buffaloes which tied him with Murton.  He then went 2-4 in Seibu's 4-1 loss to Orix the next day, finishing the season (and establishing the new record) with 216 hits.

Here's a video from Pacific League TV showing hits 200-215. (For whatever reason, I can't embed PL TV videos again.)

Here's a 2012 BBM Lions card (#L78) of Akiyama celebrating his first career hit on April, 13. 2011:


Fuji said...

Cool post. I've gotta dig through my Lions and see if I have any of his cards. Do you happen to know what his rookie card is? Year/Brand?

NPB Card Guy said...

So once again for whatever reason, Blogger didn't tell me I had a comment from you until I went and looked at my pending comments, so I apologize for not answering sooner.

Akiyama was taken in the fall 2010 draft so his first cards are all from the 2011 sets - from BBM Rookie Edition #014 and 1st Version #051 and from Calbee #086.

Fuji said...

Thanks! I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for each of those. As for Blogger... I have the same issue with a few of my readers.