Sunday, October 4, 2015

Motonobu Tanishige

Chunichi Dragons player/manager Motonobu Tanishige has retired as a player although he will continue to manage the team.  I've done a couple image heavy posts for him in the past - one when he reached 2000 hits two years ago and one just a few weeks ago to commemorate him being the only player to have a card in all of BBM's flagship sets - but he's one of my favorite players so I can't resist showing a few more cards.  I will at least skip showing any BBM cards though:

1991 Calbee #121 (with Hiroki Nomura)

1993 Tomy #222

2000 Konami Field Of 9 #FON00T-155

2001 Upper Deck #29

2005 Calbee #119

2008 Calbee #015

2013 Calbee #010

He was given a do-age by both the Dragons and the Baystars (his former team) last week in the last game he played in.

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