Friday, June 24, 2016

Nagashima Released

Jay Shelton sent me a link to a YouTube video showing how to liberate a baseball card from a PSA grading slab lat night and I decided to try out their technique on my 1973 Shigeo Nagashima card.  It was pretty straightforward - all I really needed to do was cut the corner off the top section then use a flat head screwdriver to pop the front and back of the case apart.  Once I found something that could cut through the top part it took about 30 seconds (like the video says) to do it.

Here's some photos of the liberation process:

Thanks for the link Jay!


SumoMenkoMan said...

Looks like there have only been a few examples of this card graded (5) and maybe a handful from the entire set. No one has started a set registry yet. I don't blame you for busting it out. Especially if you don't collect graded. I know there is a way for people to send PSA an email to let them know the card is no longer slabbed.

Jason Presley said...

I wish all the grading companies had a clear, simple policy for removing cards from their database once they have been de-slabbed. There is no telling how far off the population reports are due to cracking, as well as re-grading.

Sean said...

LOL, fantastic! I have used the same method for a few of my graded cards, though I have been scared to try it out on anything worth more than about 20$ since there is a slight risk of damaging them in the process.

Nice to see Nagashima breathing fresh air again. That is one card that will benefit from being out on its own.