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Sports Card Magazine #117

Sports Card Magazine #117 was published in Japan about a week and a half ago (May 27th).  I got my issue on Tuesday (it was actually in Baltimore on Saturday the 28th but since DHL doesn't deliver on Sunday or holidays, it didn't make it to my house until Tuesday).  I just haven't gotten around to writing about it until now...

Color Section:
- Card Galleries of Rookie, Autographed and Memorabilia cards for Shohei Ohtani and Shintaro Fujinami
- Ads for Carp, Baystars, Lions, Fighters, Buffaloes and Swallows team sets (1 page each), Tatsunori Hara and Shohei Ohtani/Shintaro Fujinami box sets (1/2 page each), Irodori (Sumo) and Dancing Heroine - Hana sets (1 page each), Official J-League Trading Card set (2 pages)

Monthly "Bests":
Best Card Of This Month:  2016 BBM Rookie Edition Shun Takayama autograph card (I think this is actually districbuted in the Tigers team set)
Best Item Of This Month:  2016 BBM 1st Version box

Hot Card Lists
1. 2016 BBM 1st Version Shun Takayama (#238)
2. 2016 BBM 1st Version Louis Okoye (#156)
3. 2016 BBM 1st Version Taiga Hirosawa (#075)
4. 2016 BBM 1st Version Shota Imanaga (#318)
5. 2016 BBM 1st Version Juri Hara (#184)
6. 2016 BBM 1st Version Junpei Takahashi (#022)
7. 2013 BBM 1st Version Shohei Ohtani (#183)
8. 2016 BBM 1st Version Shinnosuke Shigenobu (#210)
9. 2016 BBM 1st Version Eigoro Mogi (#158)
10. 2011 BBM 1st Version Tetsuya Yamada (#265)

Autograph & Memorabilia:
1. 2016 BBM Tigers Shun Takayama Autograph card
2. 2016 BBM Tatsunori Hara Memorial set Autograph card
3. 2016 BBM Icons Taiga Hirosawa Autograph card
4. 2016 BBM Icons Shun Takayama Autograph card
5. 2016 BBM BBM Tigers Masayuki Kakefu/Tomoaki Kanemoto Autograph card
6. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Louis Okoye Autograph card (distributed in Eagles team set)
7. 2016 BBM Icons Shohei Ohtani Autograph card
8. 2016 Epoch Sayanora Home Run Shigeo Nagashima Autograph card
9. 2016 BBM Icons Louis Okoye Autograph card
10. 2016 BBM Dragons Dash Dylan Viciedo Autograph card

"Newsprint" Section:
- Japanese Olympians(?) (2 pages)
- Box Break Contest - four collectors each open a box of 2016 BBM 1st Version and are rated on what they pulled
- "Card Shop Navi" for Mint Yokohama (which has moved to a new location since I went there)
- New Card List contains checklists for the Carp, Baystars, Lions, Fighters, Buffaloes and Swallows team sets, the Shohei Ohtani/Shintaro Fujinami box set ("Go Higher"), the Irodori Sumo set and the J-League Official Trading Card set
- "Vintage" Checklist and Price Guide is for soccer (J-League) issues (as well as recent sets for all sports)

SCM Original Cards:
Yamaico Navarro BBM Marines bonus card
Jonny Gomes BBM Eagles bonus card
Masahiro Inui BBM Giants bonus card
Shiori Taniguchi BBM Dancing Heroine - Hana bonus card
Hikari BBM Dancing Heroine - Hana bonus card
Amipo BBM Dancing Heroine - Hana bonus card

SCM #368

SCM #369

SCM #370

SCM #372

- I'm assuming that that Dancing Heroine - Hana cards are bonus ones as they don't quite look like the regular cards in the set and they don't have set card numbers on the back (only the SCM numbers).  The regular cards have two images of the "heroine" on the front while these only have one image.

- I'm pleased that BBM did at least one card for Jonny Gomes' short stint with the Eagles.  I hope it isn't a shock to him that the back of the card is in Japanese.

- I think that one of the possible autograph cards in some (maybe all) of BBM's team sets this year is an autographed Rookie Edition card of the team's top draft pick.  The two autographed 2016 Rookie Edition cards mentioned in the "Hot Lists" appear to be from the team sets.

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yeuxdebleu said...

Yamaico Navarro was huge for the Samsung Lions the last few years before going to Japan. He was my favorite player, outside of Lee Seung-Yeop.