Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ichiro 3000

In honor of Ichiro getting his 3000th hit in the majors, here's all eight of his BBM "flagship" set cards:

1993 BBM #239

1994 BBM #403

1995 BBM #338

1996 BBM #382

1997 BBM #283

1998 BBM #422

1999 BBM #452

2000 BBM #326


R Laughton said...

Way to go Ichiro!! Hall of Fame bound!

Fuji said...

Wow. Great collection of Ichiros. The 1993 BBM is super high up there on my wantlist. Just crossed of his 1993 Tomy card. One day the BBM will be mine.

NPB Card Guy said...

@Fuji - I need to get a better version of the 1993 one someday - this one is mis-cut.

Unknown said...

I think the 1994 card is by far the coolest looking card ever made, front and back, for any sport. That 1995 BBM card is incredibly rare. Anyone have one for sale? Thanks!

R Laughton said...

A lot of us use proxy bidding sites. There are several 1995 BBMs for a sale now on Yahoo Auctions.

Unknown said...

R Laughton--thank you! Much appreciated. Funny how right when I start looking for 1995 BBM Ichiros, some guy lists that he has more than 10 (ungraded) for sale at $12 each on EBAY. Could those be counterfeits? There's no way anyone has that many of those. Does anyone have a ballpark figure of what the print run was like for the 1994 BBMs and the 1995s? Thanks in advance!

NPB Card Guy said...

The only counterfeit Ichiro cards I've ever been warned about are fake 1993 BBM and 1994 Calbee Hokkaido cards. I'd be surprised if someone went to the trouble to fake the 1995 cards. I don't know the print runs for those years but I don't think either is super scarce.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your prompt response, NPB Card Guy. Much appreciated.