Sunday, September 4, 2016

Card Of The Week September 4

The battle for the Pacific League Home Run crown has been getting entertaining in the last week or so.  Ernesto Mejia of the Lions and Brandon Laird of the Fighters both hit their 30th home run of the season last week end.  Both of them homered on Thursday to stay tied for the lead at 31.  Laird homered on Friday to take the lead but Mejia tied him on Saturday afternoon.  The Fighters didn't play until Saturday night and Laird ended up hitting three home runs that evening against the Buffaloes in the rain in Kobe to put himself back in the lead with 35 home runs.  (Mejia hit #33 today so he's only two back).

Here's a video of Laird's three home runs from yesterday:

and here's Laird's card from the 2015 BBM Fighters set (#F48):