Sunday, February 26, 2017

2016 BBM Carp Autographed Edition

For the second time in less than a year, I've had a seller on Yahoo! Japan Auctions include a bonus card set with the set I purchased from them.  Last summer a seller included the base set for the 2016 BBM Fighters Autographed Edition set with the Classic set and just this month a seller (not sure if it was the same one or not) included the base set for the 2016 BBM Carp Autographed Edition set with my Rookie Edition set.

Like the Fighters set, the Carp set contains 27 cards, all with a gold facsimile autograph.  The players included are pretty much everyone you'd expect from the Carp - Hiroki Kuroda, Seiya Suzuki, Takahiro Aria, Kris Johnson, Ryosuke Kikuchi, Yusuke Nomura, etc.  I was a little surprised Daichi Ohsera wasn't included but there's not anyone else I really felt was missing.

The cards are fairly attractive although I prefer full bleed photos.  I'll voice my usual complaint that the photo selection is pretty uninspired - all batters batting and pitchers pitching.  Here's some examples:




You can see all the cards here.

I pretty much feel the same way towards this set that I felt towards the Fighters set last summer - it's a nice little set (especially when it doesn't cost me anything) but I'm still not compelled to pick up the smaller team box sets instead of the larger pack-based team sets.  But I will try to remember to use that seller again...

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