Monday, July 25, 2016

2016 BBM Fighters Autographed Edition "Opening" set

BBM has been issuing a number of "Autographed Edition" box sets over the past few years.  Each of these is dedicated to a single team and typically feature 27 players from the team - usually including the manager.  Each of the cards in the set feature a facsimile autograph of the player and there's one or two "special" cards included in the box - a parallel version of a card and/or an actual autograph from one of the players.

I typically don't get these - not that there's anything actually wrong with them but I generally would prefer to pick up the pack based team sets and get pretty much all the players for the team, nit just a subset (since generally I'll get that subset in the 1st and 2nd Version sets as well as Calbee).  So I wasn't planning on getting this year's Fighers set (called "Opening") but for whatever reason the seller on Yahoo! Japan Auctions that I get my Classic set from included the 27 card base set in the box with it.

It's not an unattractive set.  The cards feature the players on a blue-ish background with a gold facsimile signature.  Here's some example cards:




I'm kind of amused that all the players in the set are wearing the Fighter's home jersey EXCEPT Yuki Saitoh, who's wearing the gold away jersey.  It's been a while since Saitoh's been considered any type of golden player for the Fighters...

The set contains pretty much who you'd expect - Shohei Ohtani, Sho Nataka, Brandon Laird, Daikan Yoh, Kohei Arihara, Kensuke Tanaka, Shoto Ohno and Luis Mendoza to name a few.  The biggest players I see missing are the two new foreign pitchers - Anthony Bass and Chris Martin.  Since the set was released in March I figure most of the photos were taken either last year or at some sort of training in Japan over the winter to get the rookies in the set (Takayuki Katoh and Kenta Uehara) so they probably didn't have a chance to get pictures of Bass and Martin.

You can see all the cards at Jambalaya.

It was a nice surprise to get the set (free is always good) but I still don't have a great urge to run out and get any of these box sets.  But they are nice looking.  I'm sure they're even nicer (although much more expensive) when they include the autographed card.

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