Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hiroki Kuroda

Hiroki Kuroda joined the Meikyukai today by getting his 200th career victory (121 in NPB and 79 in MLB) by defeating the Tigers 7-0 today.  Kuroda was originally drafted by the Carp in the second round of the fall 1996 draft.  He remained with the Carp for 11 seasons until leaving for MLB (and the Dodgers) after the 2007 season.  After seven seasons in MLB (4 with the Dodgers and 3 with the Yankees) he returned to the Carp last season.

I did a post on Kuroda back in 2007 when he left NPB for the Dodgers so I'll just share a couple more now:

2011 BBM Tohto 80th Memorial #45

1997 BBM #496

1999 BBM #119

2001 Upper Deck #39

2003 BBM Japan National Team #07

2005 Calbee #147

2007 BBM All Stars #A37

2015 BBM Carp #C71

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