Sunday, July 17, 2016

Card Of The Week July 17

The All Star games were played this weekend in Japan,  The Central League beat the Pacific League 5-4 in Game One on Friday and the two leagues tied 5-5 in Game Two yesterday,  Among the highlights was Takumi Kuriyama of the Lions hitting a two run home run in the bottom of the ninth of Game One.  This was Kuriyama's first ever All Star at bat - he was the 16th player to homer in his first ever All Star plate appearance.

Kuriyama's been around for a while - he was drafted by Seibu in the fourth round of the fall 2001 draft - and he's been a top player for some time now.  He recently passed the 1500 career hit mark and he's only 32.  It's kind of surprising that he's never made the All Star team before this year.

Here's a card of him from the "Young Lions" subset of the 2005 BBM Lions team set (#L075):

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